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best seo plugin

SEO plugins are valuable tools that help website owners optimize their content for search engines without incurring additional costs. These plugins offer various features such as keyword analysis, on-page optimization, and XML sitemap generation.

When I sat down to write this post I thought well all the SEO plugins are the same but Only After I have tested all the plugins i was able to understand why Yoast SEO was the Market leader. All in SEO and Rank Math are only lagging by one or two points though. Yoast SEO may be the market leader in SEO plugins, But if you just want the simplest SEO plugin with peace of mind then go with SLIM SEO.

Check out the screenshot that I have put to better understand the difference.



Yoast SEO plugin


Yoast seo 2 - seo plugins


Yoast SEO is a widely recognized and highly regarded SEO plugin for WordPress and for a good reason. It is one of the best plugins for beginners that helps them optimize their content for search engines.


User-Friendly Interface:

With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Yoast SEO offers guidance and analysis to ensure your content is optimized for keywords, readability, meta description, and more.


Content Optimization Suggestions:

Yoast SEO content optimization offers comprehensive guidance and analysis to improve the quality and relevance of website content, ensuring it aligns with search engine algorithms and user intent.

With Yoast SEO content optimization, users can leverage actionable recommendations, keyword analysis, and readability checks to create engaging, SEO-friendly content that drives organic traffic and boosts search rankings.

The plugin also provides valuable insights into your website’s SEO performance, including XML sitemap generation, social media integration, and Google Search Console integration for advanced tracking and monitoring.


Schema Markup Block:

Yoast SEO schema is a powerful tool that helps websites optimize their content for search engines, providing structured data that enhances search visibility and click-through rates.


Problems with Page Analysis and Content Suggestions:

Although, Yoast SEO’s on-page analysis feature scans your content and provides suggestions to improve your SEO, such as optimizing headings, keyword usage, and internal linking.

Some users have reported that the plugin’s on-page analysis and content suggestions may not always align with their specific website or niche, requiring additional manual adjustments and customization to achieve optimal SEO results.

And this is true because when I used the All in one Seo and Yoast Seo for the same content, Their scores were entirely different for the same content. One was scoring 85 out of 100 the other was giving only 55 out of 100 for the same content. Don’t fall for it and try to overoptimize your content you will only mess things up.

The Free version is sufficient for beginners as well as advanced users. But you can always upgrade to the premium version for more advanced functionalities and features.

Yoast has got easy to use tutorials and SEO tips to help you out with your content and website.

With millions of active installations and regular updates, Yoast SEO continues to be a popular choice for website owners looking to improve their search engine visibility and enhance their overall SEO efforts



Rank math


Rank math Seo 2 - seo plugins


This newcomer rose to prominence pretty quickly in the WordPress SEO field.

Rankmath is an absolute delight to work with. If you are a beginner with little knowledge of SEO I would suggest you go with rank math

Rank Math offers a wide range of advanced SEO features such as on-page analysis, XML sitemap generation, schema markup, redirection management, and integration with Google Search Console.

User-Friendly Interface:

Rank Math provides a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for beginners to understand and navigate the plugin’s settings and features. The layout of Rank Math and SEO PRESS are similar.

Content Optimization Suggestions:

The plugin provides real-time content analysis and suggestions to optimize your on-page SEO, including keyword usage, readability, and other important factors.

Advanced Schema Markup:

Rank Math includes built-in schema markup options, allowing you to enhance your website’s search engine visibility and provide more context to search engines about your content.

Multiple Keyword Optimization:

Rank Math allows you to optimize your content for multiple focus keywords, giving you flexibility and control over your SEO strategy.

Page indexing issue:

Some users have reported that after using Rank Math their pages were not getting indexed on Google. I have only personally faced this problem my pages got indexed after I switched to All in One SEO. So yes, this problem is real.

But this is a temporary issue and does not happen with everyone.

Resource Intensive:

A limited number of users have reported that Rank Math’s extensive features and functionalities may impact website performance, particularly on sites with heavy content or limited server resources, requiring additional optimization efforts.

I never had any speed issues with my website while testing Rank math. So I can’t confirm if this claim is true or not.



All-in-One SEO


All-in-one SEO 2 - seo plugins


I think AIOSEO is the strongest and direct competitor of Yoast SEO. Although All in One SEO is one of the best beginner-friendly plugins.

I would still prefer you not to use it if you are an absolute beginner. And I would show you the reason using a screenshot comparison later. You can switch to All in one SEO after you have gained some experience.

As a beginner with a little knowledge about SEO then Yoast would be the best for you. And as a person without any knowledge of SEO then SLIMSEO is the best for you.

All in One SEO Pack is a powerful and comprehensive SEO plugin for WordPress that offers a wide range of features to optimize your website for search engines.

User-Friendly Interface:

With its user-friendly interface and easy setup, the All in One SEO Pack enables users to optimize meta descriptions and meta tags, generate XML sitemaps, and manage canonical URLs effortlessly.

Advanced Tools:

The plugin provides advanced features like social media integration, schema markup, and Google Analytics support to enhance your website’s visibility and tracking capabilities.

All in One SEO Pack offers a beginner-friendly approach, making it suitable for users of all skill levels who want to improve their website’s SEO performance.

Limited Features with Free Version:

The free version of the All in One SEO Pack offers limited features compared to its premium counterpart, potentially restricting users from accessing advanced functionalities and optimization options.

Compatibility issue:

Some users have reported compatibility issues with certain themes or plugins, which can lead to conflicts and hinder the smooth operation of the website when using the All-in-One SEO Pack.

I have experienced extreme website slowdown during the testing of All-in-One SEO. As soon as I disabled the All-in-One SEO pack my website was back to normal.

With a large user base and regular updates, the All-in-One SEO Pack continues to be a popular choice for WordPress users seeking a comprehensive and effective SEO solution.




SLIM SEO 3 - seo plugins


If you want a simple, basic, Fast, and No nonsense SEO Plugin then I would suggest going with SLIM SEO. It is a newcomer but a really good SEO Plugin.

It is the best SEO plugin for beginners with no experience in SEO. I suggest you give it a try.

Slim SEO is an innovative SEO plugin that streamlines the optimization process for websites. It is known for its lightweight and efficient design, ensuring optimal website performance.

With Slim SEO, users can easily manage key SEO elements, such as meta tags, titles, and descriptions, without the need for complex configurations.

The plugin offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of optimizing on-page content and improving overall website visibility.

It also provides automatic generation of XML sitemaps, enabling search engines to crawl and index the website effectively. Slim SEO ensures compatibility with popular WordPress themes and plugins, allowing seamless integration into existing setups.

The plugin also offers comprehensive analytics, allowing users to track keyword rankings, monitor backlinks, and measure the impact of their SEO efforts.

With its simplicity and effectiveness, Slim SEO is an ideal choice for website owners who want to enhance their search engine optimization without sacrificing performance.





seopress - seo plugins


I think SEOPress is best known for its lightweight nature, which contributes to faster website performance and improved loading times, ensuring a positive user experience.

I think it is somewhat similar to Rank Math and All in One SEO. At least its layout and design are similar.

Feature-Rich Plugin:

SEOPress offers a comprehensive set of features, including XML sitemap generation, meta tag optimization, content analysis, social media integration, and more, providing users with a complete SEO solution.

User-Friendly Interface:

SEOPress provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate and configure the plugin settings.

Advanced Schema Markup:

SEOPress allows users to implement advanced schema markup, enhancing search engine visibility and providing additional context to search engines about their content.

Import/Export Functionality:

SEOPress offers import/export functionality, making it convenient to migrate settings between websites or backup and restore SEO configurations.

Limited Free Version:

The free version of SEOPress has some limitations compared to the premium version, including access to certain advanced features, which may restrict users seeking more comprehensive SEO functionalities.

Less Popularity:

Compared to some other SEO plugins, SEOPress may have a smaller user base and less community support, resulting in potentially fewer online resources and user discussions available for troubleshooting or guidance. But good video tutorials are available which are very helpful.



The SEO Framework


the seo framework - seo plugins


Just Like SEOPRESS The SEO Framework is also known for its speed which helps maintain fast website performance and loading times.

There are some websites that claim it to be beginner friendly. But it is not. If you are an absolute beginner then stay away from this plugin. A Person with at least a little bit of knowledge about SEO should use this plugin.

Automatic SEO:

The SEO Framework provides automatic SEO solutions, allowing users to focus on creating quality content while the plugin handles essential optimizations in the background.

Extensive Schema Markup:

The plugin includes advanced schema markup options, enabling users to enhance search engine visibility and provide more detailed information about their content.


The SEO Framework prioritizes user experience by avoiding aggressive upselling tactics or excessive notifications, resulting in a less obtrusive plugin experience.

Free Version:

The free version contains everything that you will need for your website. You don’t need the paid version.

Advanced Knowledge Required:

While the setup process is user-friendly, optimizing the plugin’s advanced settings may require a solid understanding of SEO principles and techniques.



Squirrly SEO


squirrly seo


Before you read all the goody things about Squirrly SEO down below you must understand that this plugin is good for people who have good knowledge about SEO and WordPress.

For a beginner, it is a complete disaster. There are so many settings that you would get lost. It is a complete mess and without a solid understanding of SEO principles, you should not install this on your website.

Squirrly SEO is an exceptional SEO plugin that is designed to enhance the search engine optimization efforts of websites.

It offers a comprehensive suite of features that empower users to optimize their content effectively. With its intuitive interface, users can easily conduct keyword research, analyze competitors, and optimize their on-page content for maximum visibility.

The plugin provides real-time SEO suggestions and audits, helping users improve their website’s performance.

Additionally, it offers a powerful SEO live assistant feature that guides users in optimizing their content as they write, ensuring high-quality and search engine-friendly articles.

Squirrly SEO also generates XML sitemaps, allowing search engines to crawl and index the website efficiently.

With its advanced analytics, users can track keyword rankings, monitor backlinks, and gain valuable insights into their SEO campaigns.

Overall, Squirrly SEO is a valuable tool for businesses and website owners seeking to achieve higher search engine rankings and attract organic traffic.

Best Plugins for Beginners

Yoast SEO



This eye symbol that Yoast SEO has is really helpful for beginners. And this is where Yoast SEO is different from all the similar SEO plugins. If you know about SEO and how to do things then it is great. But if you are a person who is learning and have no prior knowledge then Yoast can help you and guide you.








Now for those of you who are just starting out and don’t have any knowledge about SEO. SLIM SEO is best. Look at the minimalist settings page and post page. Compare this to the complicated settings of all the other SEO Plugins. It won’t give you any headache and you would be able to focus on your content.





I Have tested all the plugins and I’m giving you a list:

  1. Absolute Beginner  (No knowledge of SEO)     –      SLIMSEO

  2. Beginner  (Little Knowledge of SEO)    –   Yoast SEO

  3. Intermediate (Good Knowledge of SEO)  –  All-in-one SEO, RankMath

  4. Advanced  –  SEOPRESS, The SEO Framework, Squirrly SEO

Now, You can choose the plugin according to your level of expertise and see if it works properly for your website.



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