ATLAS OS ! Is It For You And Should You Use It ?

Atlas os

What is ATLAS OS ?

Well, for starters it is not exactly an operating system. Then what is it?

I think ‘Windows modifier’ would be a suitable name for it but with more privacy and without

Windows 10 bloatware and tracking.


Who should use Atlas OS ?

Atlas OS is not for everyone. Please understand Atlas OS is only for people who are gamers. You can also use it if you are doing resource-intensive work like heavy video editing, photo editing, digital painting, etc on a daily basis. It would give a boost to your system.

Atlas does that by stopping unnecessary crap that Windows 10 is running in the background.

At first, when Atlas os was released Windows Defender and UAC used to be disabled by default. But now can be enabled manually in the current version. Although, UAC will not really be able to stop strong malware. But it is recommended that you enable it for safety.

Now if you want to install atlas os then there are some rules you should follow to keep your system safe.

So, This is important and you should read this part carefully and follow the Rules strictly.

Rule 1 – The first thing is never to keep any personal or financial information on the system you install Atlas os. Financial transactions should also not be done on that system. Also don’t keep any other files related to your work that you may need!

Rule 2 – If you choose to install atlas os it is best to stay offline. If you want to go online make sure you get a good quality antivirus. Windows Defender is also good.

Rule 3 – Before you go online make sure you back up your data to an external HDD or Pendrive if you were doing some editing work.

Rule – 4 Follow all the above rules to be safe!

All good, Now you may proceed.



What will you need for installing Atlas OS?

You will need a fully working Windows 10 os. Many people call it bootleg software. But isn’t the meaning of bootleg software something that is distributed or sold illegally? I think a ‘system modifier’ would be a better name.



Can any Game or software be installed on Atlas OS?


You can install any Game or software that you have purchased. Pirated software can’t be installed on Atlas os. Well, that is what I have read in many paid reviews.

Adobe Photoshop CS2


Adobe Photoshop CS2-2


As you can see. I was able to install a pirated version of adobe photoshop cs2 without any problem. So, I can assure you that this claim is not true.

Before, anyone points out why am i using a pirated version of adobe photoshop cs2, I would like to clarify that I own a genuine copy of adobe photoshop cs2 and this installation was only done for testing purposes.



Why should I install Atlas OS?

If you have a new PC that you purchased within the last 4 years and work on normal software like MS Excel, word, etc. then you don’t need Atlas.

But for an old PC that may be slowing down as well as a new PC owner if you want to play games with medium-quality graphics or do some resource-intensive work like video editing etc.

Atlas os can make a significant difference. Although you have to keep in mind that your graphics card should also be good enough to handle the game. But please follow the rules that I have listed above to be safe.



How was my experience using Atlas?

I have tested Atlas os on a minimal system I had lying around.


Processor – Intel Core i3 540 @ 3.07GHz (1st Generation)

Ram – 4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz

Motherboard – ASUS P7H55-M LX (LGA1156)

Graphics card – NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2GB (Zotac)

Hard disk – Western Digital 160GB (SATA )



Atlas os 1


I wanted to test it on a minimal system because I wanted to see how much boost can Atlas give to performance in a low amount of ram as well as a decade-old processor.



Garena Free Fire Max


I was amazed that I was able to run Bluestack and was able to play garena free fire at 30 fps. Though considering the system specs I was not expecting to run Bluestack let alone play Free Fire. At first, I thought that Bluestack would crash and will not start. But I was able to run it at low setting.

Now, I’m no expert at free fire. I was able to play the game smoothly, But I think 8GB ram should be used and would make the experience far better.





I installed Counter-Strike: GO using the Steam desktop app and was able to play CS: GO smoothly at medium settings. I got between 65 to 80 FPS which is quite good considering how old my system is and the amount of ram is only 4 GB.

Older games will play more smoothly on this system if the amount of ram is increased. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any additional ram stick lying around to test it.

The type of system on which I tested atlas os would be best for general tasks like browsing the web, listening to music, streaming movies or TV shows, or maybe playing some lighter games.

But if you want to build a cheap gaming PC and install Atlas OS on it, Then I suggest you get at least a 3rd gen Intel core i7 processor and at least 8 GB of ram, and a GTX 750Ti graphics card. Then you will be able to play games properly at low to medium settings depending on the type of the game.

Yes, you won’t be able to run games like Cyberpunk or the latest edition of The Last of Us on this kind of PC because the system requirements for those games are much higher.

But we are talking about building a budget gaming PC with parts you may already have or which can be bought cheaply from the market, And you will be able to play many games smoothly on this system.


Conclusion – So, Should you install Atlas OS or not?

Well, the answer depends on what you want to do with the PC. If you just want a gaming PC on which you would just play games and do nothing else or you want to do heavy editing and other resource-intensive tasks then go ahead and install atlas os and please follow the rules I have mentioned above for safety.

But if you are someone who just does normal office tasks and normal boring stuff with your PC. You don’t really need Atlas OS.

If you don’t feel comfortable using atlas os then there are other debloating software available in the market that you can use to increase the speed of your windows os. I would write about them in another post.



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